Sounds fancy, but isn't! Very on brand for us.

Thanks for the inspo, Jessica!

Fresh or frozen, use 4-5 cups of cauli so the flour ratio is right. Boil for a few minutes to soften!

Listen to Lindsay's hard sell on frozen cauliflower here.

Is cutting up a head of fresh cauliflower hard? No. Does it cause an explosion of tiny vegetable crumbs all over your life? YES. 

Pulse the cooked cauliflower a few times until you get rice.

Let it cool down on a clean dish towel. Don't skip this or you're gonna have some HOT HANDS later.

Give it a squeeeeeeze!

Like, really get aggressive here.

Just don't stop until all your stress is worked out. (Hahahaha jk! That will take one thousand years.)

Once you've gotten most of the water out, pop it back in the FP for a couple spins to get it a little bit more creamy.

Add 2/3 c flour + 1 tsp salt. Get excited, it's almost pasta-ish!

Yay! A DOUGH!!!

Coat it with enough flour to make it a little dry and form it into a little dough loaf.

Quarter it and then roll each one into delicious snakes!

Brown them up in a pan. That's right, NO BOILING!  (Are we monsters? Spoiler alert: no.)

Make sure these beauties get nicely crisped on both sides.

Add a little water and cover to steam finish to make sure they are  cooked through.

Sauce them up! We used kale pesto but honestly, almost any sauce works well. They're a dream.

Yaaahhhhm!  See? Not fancy. We promise.

Gonna un-veganize it with a little parm.

Crushed reds and a little olive oil swish. Done!