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11 Magical Black Bean Recipes

These simple little legumes are packed with protein and fiber can truly up the dazzle factor in so many staple dishes. From chili, to nutritious bowls, to salads, tacos, burgers, and more, these are some of our favorite black bean recipes that taste seriously delicious!

Chips in a bowls of chili and garnishments.

Sarah’s White Chicken Chili

White Chicken Chili! One of my favorite soups. Creamy, smoky, cozy, and spicy with BIG flavor and simple ingredients. SO GOOD.

Ingredients: chicken thighs, beans, jalapeños, diced tomatoes, cream cheese, bacon

Roasted Cauliflower Burrito Bowl with toppings.

Roasted Cauliflower Burrito Bowls with Refried Beans

Nothing fancy to see here – just a healthy, delicious, vegan burrito bowl combo featuring spicy roasted cauliflower, pico de gallo, creamy refried black beans, rice, corn, avocado, and a good lime drench.

Ingredients: cauliflower, black beans, tomatoes, corn, onion, avocado, cilantro

Couscous Salad with Lime Basil Vinaigrette

A bright, zippy, unexpectedly delicious couscous salad that’s packed with sweet potatoes, black beans, spinach, feta, and more – all tossed with a life-changing lime basil vinaigrette!

Ingredients: couscous, black beans, sweet potatoes, spinach, feta, basil, limes

Easy Veggie Black Bean Enchiladas

Saucy, cheese, filling, cozy, and packed with any roasted veggies you want. Super versatile and easy to make!

Ingredients: broccoli, sweet potatoes, red bell pepper, black beans, corn tortillas, enchilada sauce

Vegan crunchwrap supreme with cashew queso.

Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme

This vegan crunchwrap is INSANE! Stuff this bad boy with whatever you like – I made it with sofritas tofu and cashew queso – and wrap it up, fry, and devour! Favorite vegan recipe to date.

Ingredients: tofu, chipotle peppers, roasted vegetables, avocado, black beans, tortillas

Chipotle Quinoa Black Bean Burgers

Veggie burgers you’ll want to make again and again! Filling but not too dense, crispy but not crumbly, and with all the smokiness and yumminess with none of the meat.

Ingredients: quinoa, black beans, chipotle peppers, panko breadcrumbs

Rockin’ 5 Ingredient Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

Sweet Potato Turkey Chili – just five basic ingredients for this delicious real food chili recipe! Sweet potatoes, black beans, turkey, onions, and spices.

Ingredients: ground turkey, sweet potatoes, black beans, garlic, onion

Mexican sweet potato skins on a plate.

Healthy Chipotle Sweet Potato Skins

These healthy chipotle sweet potato skins are stuffed with a chipotle-sweet potato filling, black beans, corn, and topped with cheese. SO GOOD.

Ingredients: sweet potatoes, corn, black beans, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, cream cheese

Brussels sprouts tacos on plate with toppings.

Brussels Sprouts Tacos

Savory sautéed shredded brussels sprouts tucked into charred tortillas with roasted corn, jalapeno, black bean, and cilantro chimichurri. WHOA. Yes.

Ingredients: brussels sprouts, black beans, corn, jalapeño, cilantro, cashews, limes

The Best Migas with Refried Beans

Eggs scrambled with crispy tortillas, garlic, jalapeño, and melted cheese served with black beans and avocado. Quick, easy, and SO DELICIOUS. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch!

Ingredients: eggs, corn tortillas, pepper jack cheese, jalapeño, garlic, black beans

Queso Chicken Chili with Roasted Corn and Jalapeño

Creamy, spicy, and so easy. Made with roasted corn, jalapeño, and creamy Pepper Jack cheese. Super easy dinner!

Ingredients: chicken breasts, salsa, bell peppers, corn, jalapeño, black beans, cream cheese

Our Most Popular Black Bean Recipe

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Beans

What’s the best way to cook black beans?

While you can easily buy cooked black beans in a can, homemade always tastes better! The quickest way to cook up dried black beans is in the Instant Pot. Check this out for how to cook any type of bean in the Instant Pot (and some other magical ways to use it).

Are black beans good for you?

Yes, they are! Black beans are packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants. They’re a filling and delicious plant-based source of protein!

How do you make refried black beans?

Our favorite method includes just black beans, water, and taco seasoning. Simple and so delicious! See it in action on these Roasted Cauliflower Burrito Bowls.

What are black beans good with?

All of the recipes above, obviously! While you might think of black beans being best in Mexican-inspired recipes like tacos, burritos, and nachos, they’re also delicious in other unexpected ways, like in salads, burgers, and soups. They can add a protein punch to just about anything!

One More Thing!

Looking for even more beany goodness to love? Check out a list of all of our legume recipes!

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I found you through one of my favorite You Tubers “Do it on a dime.” I can’t wait to make some of these recipes! I have a Monday night potluck with a friend. Gonna being flavor to the table! 😉

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Suzanne Ellison

    Hi Lindsay!
    Love love your recipes! Going to be trying the zucchini corn pie tomorrow night. Several years ago I made some bean and mushroom veggie burgers(I think they were black beans) onion and not sure what else. I cannot find the recipe and they were my favorites. I was hoping you could post them again.
    Thanks so much!