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Miracle No Knead Bread

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Miracle No Knead Bread! this is SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD and ridiculously easy to make. crusty outside, soft and chewy inside – perfect for dunking in soups!

There’s a reason we are calling this MIRACLE NO KNEAD BREAD.

This is a fan favorite recipe that’s part of our Fall 2022 SOS Series! View the full series.

Let me paint a picture for you. It starts with a golden and ragged-looking crusty loaf of piping hot white bread being roughly torn into chunks, steam escaping, crumbs flying everywhere across the table, and it ends with that swift swooping motion as its hot n’ chewy little self dives deep into the bowl of thick soup and delivers a bit of chewy carbs sopped with flavor to your hungry, happy mouth. Honestly. The pure bliss of this moment.

Welcome to fall, bread lovers.

I have some really good news for you today.


In This Post: Everything You Need For No Knead Bread

Prefer To Watch Instead Of Read?

White hands tearing apart homemade no knead bread.

The Bread For Non-Bread Makers (SOS-Friendly!)

You are going to serve this bread with your rocked-out homemade soups and the praise will come flowing from family and friends and neighbors alike, and people are not going to be able to stop. This is your moment for Martha-Stewart-level domestic greatness within the normalcy of a regular person life, and we are going to milk it.

Please scan your brain right now for these lurking thoughts: “I don’t make bread.” “Bread baking takes too long.” “Yeast-y recipes scare me.”

Friends, let the record show that I am in your club. I am on that team. I have less than zero percent patience for bread recipes and therefore I do not make bread, at all, ever, and I only have two teeny exceptions:

  1. I make brioche from Artisan Bread in 5, like, three times per year, because it makes for perfect tea rings and homemade French toast bakes and cinnamon rolls and for the times that the baking diva within comes alive. Also it’s VERY EASY.
  2. I make this Miracle No Knead Bread, inspired from my friends, fellow bloggers, Jim Lahey, and people of the internet, and I make it a minimum of 250 times every fall and winter because it is the opposite of fancy. Which is confusing because it FEELS fancy to pull a loaf of homemade bread out of the oven, especially when it is tucked into that rustic and beautiful Laura-Ingalls-Wilder-esque red Lodge Dutch Oven (affiliate link) that we swoon over every year when the leaves start turning, but seriously – I would, and do, on a regular basis, make this bread for weeknight dinners. We don’t call this Miracle No Knead Bread for nothin’.

What Is No Knead Bread Exactly?

Well, it’s exactly as it sounds!

While many bread recipes involve a lot of kneading and proofing and rising and proofing again and Great British Bake-Off levels of stress, this one requires no kneading. The most effort you’ll put in is the quick mix you’ll do to get the flour, water, yeast, and salt combined, and the strength it takes to transfer your dutch oven into the oven (but seriously, why so heavy?).

After a hands-off overnight rest on the countertop, and quick bake, the result: perfectly crusty outsides, soft and warm insides. It is, to put it simply, heaven.

No knead bread in a red dutch oven.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Okay, are you ready for how short of a list this is?

  • all-purpose flour (bread flour can work, too!)
  • salt
  • instant yeast
  • water (but we’re guessing you have that on hand)

That’s it! That’s literally it!

How To Make No Knead Bread

Pillowy, golden-crusted, perfectly baked homemade bread is in your future! Let’s make it happen.

  1. Mix. Whisk together the flour, salt, and yeast in a large bowl. Stir in a bit of room temp water until the dough starts to form. It’ll look a little bit weird at first, just try us when we say it’ll all come together.
  2. Let the dough rest. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it just sit on the counter at room temp overnight. Just forget about it until morning.
  3. Form the dough. Remove the dough from the bowl and shape it into a ball.
  4. Bake. Line your Dutch oven or big oven-safe pot with parchment paper. Warm it up in the oven for a half hour or so (without the dough). Add your dough, add the lid, and bake for 30 minutes. Lift off the lid and bake for another 10ish minutes until the top gets a beautiful golden brown.
  5. Dunk away! Get ready to tear into this warm homemade bread and dunk and scoop it in all the things!

Variations On This No Knead Bread Recipe

Obviously we prefer this in its original, perfect form, but if you’re looking to make some changes, there are always OPTIONS.

  • How to make it gluten-free: We tried this flour (affiliate link) and the results were great. A hard crust formed on the outside and the inside was soft, airy, and a teeny bit spongy – close to the real thing. Some downsides: the bread didn’t rise as much as the regular version and, of course, it didn’t have quite the same flavor.
  • How to make it whole wheat: This is very similar to the original version. The texture of the dough was the same, it rose the same, and it looked the same coming out of the oven with its hard crust. The inside texture was denser with not as many air pockets. The flavor was a little bitter and texture was a bit gritty, but to be expected with whole wheat flour.
  • How to add some flavor: Use whatever herbs that sound delicious to you! Mix them in the beginning to avoid kneading later.
  • How to make it CHEESY: We’ve got a recipe for that! Check out our No Knead Cheese Bread.
White hands holding a red dutch oven. There is homemade no knead bread on top of parchment paper in the dutch oven pot.

It’s worth saying again that my motto for Pinch of Yum is RECIPES THAT REAL PEOPLE WOULD ACTUALLY MAKE. I pass all recipes that hit your eyeballs through this very practical and very important filter.

And this bread? This no knead bread that can be mixed all in one bowl with a wooden spoon in five minutes flat? This bread is on-brand. Nailed it. If you’ve never done this before, buckle up.

You’re so gonna love it in all its crispy, air-pocketed glory.

White hands tearing apart no knead bread.

No Knead Bread: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make this if I don’t have a Dutch oven?

You will just need an oven-safe pot or pan with an oven-safe tight-fitting lid. Please check instructions on whatever you use to ensure it can be heated to 450 degrees (empty for instruction #2). 

Will active dry yeast work for this bread?

Yep! Just make sure to activate the yeast first according to package instructions.

Why didn’t my bread rise?

We’d recommend using fresh yeast for this recipe. Expired yeast can lead to bread that won’t rise.

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No Knead Bread held by hands.

Miracle No Knead Bread


Miracle No Knead Bread! this is SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD and ridiculously easy to make. crusty outside, soft and chewy inside – perfect for dunking in soups!


Units Scale
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon instant yeast
  • 1 1/2 cups room temperature water


  1. DOUGH PREP: In a large mixing bowl, whisk the flour, salt, and yeast together until mixed. Stir in the water until a chunky, thick dough forms. If it needs a little more water, add a few more tablespoons, just enough to get it barely wet throughout. It’s gonna look scrappy and weird and you’re going to question me on whether or not this will work, but it will. Cover the mixing bowl with plastic wrap and let it rest for 12-18 hours at room temperature. Overnight is ideal here, kids.
  2. PREP FOR BAKING: When you’re ready to bake, preheat the oven to 450. Stick a 6 quart enamel coated cast iron Lodge Dutch Oven (or similar) in the oven for about 30 minutes to heat. At this point, the dough should be big and puffy and pretty loose, with little bubbles in it. Gently scrape the dough out onto a well-floured surface. (Remember: NO KNEAD.) Gently shape it into a ball with flour on the outside, set on a piece of parchment, and cover with plastic while your pan heats up.
  3. BAKE: Remove the plastic from the dough. Lift the dough and parchment together into the pan so the parchment lines the bottom of the hot pan (be careful not to touch the pan since it’s very hot). Bake, covered, for 30 minutes. Remove the cover and bake another 10-15 minutes to get the exterior nice and golden brown and crispy. Voila! Done. Miracle no-knead bread, you boss you.



Gluten free flour and whole wheat flour variations.Based on comments and questions, we decided to try this recipe with both gluten-free flour and whole wheat flour! A few notes for each: 1. Gluten-Free: We tried this flour (affiliate link) and the results were great. A hard crust formed on the outside and the inside was soft, airy, and a teeny bit spongy – close to the real thing. Some downsides: the bread didn’t rise as much as the regular version and, of course, it didn’t have quite the same flavor. 2. Whole Wheat: This was very similar to the original version. The texture of the dough was the same, it rose the same, and it looked the same coming out of the oven with its hard crust. The inside texture was denser with not as many air pockets. The flavor was a little bitter and texture was a bit gritty, but to be expected with whole wheat flour.

  • Prep Time: 12 hours
  • Cook Time: 40 minutes
  • Category: Side Dish
  • Method: Bake
  • Cuisine: American

Keywords: no knead bread, homemade bread, easy bread

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(👇🏼 pictured here dipped in Chicken Wild Rice Soup. cannot recommend that situation highly enough.)

Bread being dunked in soup.

You can read about ten other things I love to do with my adorable red Lodge Dutch Oven in THIS POST from years back. Yes, I am that much of a superfan.

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Recipe rating


  1. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Lindsay Cavanagh

    The flavor of this bread is amazing! Mine was a little dense but I think it was because of my yeast (might not have activated it correctly?) But it was so delicious, I will definitely be making it again.

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    The bread tasted really delicious and was easy … but I like the Artisan Bread In 5 method a lot better. I don’t keep instant yeast in the house so I prefer not having to activate the yeast, which the ABI5 method doesn’t require. I also like to refrigerate my dough and use as needed as per ABI5. I also like ABI5’s freedom to make different shapes rather than being limited to the Dutch oven. This is still a good beginner choice, though, and produced a *beautiful* crumb!

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Omg yum! Two things: I think scoring the bread is a must so the bread has room to expand more (even though the dough was quite wet, I made it work). Second, I only had active yeast, so had to activate that in the water first before adding the dry (it’s a 1:1 ratio of instant vs active). Will for sure be a weekly bread around here! So so good.

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Pretty good. I think I took it out too soon but it was so easy I’ll try it again!

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I tried during lockdown to learn to make sourdough. I failed so many times, then I found this recipe and have successfully made multiple loaves of bread! I use a tad bit more salt just because I prefer that flavor, but even with the recipe amount, this bread is A+ and SO easy. I have officially conquered my fear of baking with yeast by using this recipe.

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I make this bread with soup all the time. It’s so difficult to let it cool all the way before cutting into it.

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    So delicious and so easy! The recipe was simple, affordable, and so good! I made it with active yeast and it worked great. I served it with POY’s broccoli cheddar soup and it was perfect for dunking.

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Morgan Machajewski

    When I looked at this recipe, I thought it would likely turn out ok, but amazing bread needs more ingredients… Nope! Literally 4 ingredients and very minimal effort and crusty, chewy bread for our soup- dunking. I might never buy store bought crusty loaves again.

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Emily Becker

    Such a simple and high impact recipe! I like doing half white and half wheat and it doesn’t have too much of an impact on density and flavor.

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I made this as part of the holiday bucket list and wow!! Easiest bread I’ve ever made and very delicious. I did add some cheddar cheese!

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This bread is always a hit. So easy and quick and no one would ever guess because it tastes so good!

  12. Pinch of Yum Logo

    So ridiculously easy to make and it looks quite impressive! Just need to remember to start it the night before!

  13. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I love making fresh homemade bread for soup and pasta night and have tried a quicker version previously that only turns out half of the time. This worked perfectly and was much easier, as long as I remember to just make it the night before it turns out great! Will be a staple in our house especially in the fall and winter months with soup every week!

  14. Pinch of Yum Logo

    My kids loved this bread and kept asking for more! Even with my old yeast and a meh rise, it still had a good outside crunch and soft interior.

  15. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Steph Peterson

    Made this recipe for the holiday bucket list and was not disappointed! I am usually very overwhelmed by bread recipes.. but this was very easy and achievable! Results were great:)

  16. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Arianna Camponuri

    I was inspired to make this from the Holiday Bucket List and am so glad I did! It was really easy and fun to see it all come together. Served with the POY easy tomato soup — the perfect winter meal!

  17. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Alice DeWitt

    I really didn’t think this would work, but it’s magical! The easiest thing ever and so delicious!

  18. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I tried out the recipe and it was easy and delicious! I do not own a dutch oven, but used my corningware without preheating it. I even forgot to put the lid on and it worked out just fine! Even crust, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.

  19. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I love how easy this was to make. It’s easiest to throw together before I go to bed so I will have fresh bread the next day.