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Vegan Mega-Burritos

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OMG these Vegan Mega-Burritos are SO GOOD! stuffed with a sweet potato, cauliflower, and walnut taco meat filling, plus avocado, salsa, and vegan queso! Best vegan burrito ever.

Let’s get MEGA to the BURRITO!

These are my affectionately nicknamed “Mega-Burritos,” and honestly, this is all there is for me in the world right now.

We are down to the wire before this baby makes her arrival, that this – or variations of this – is literally all I’ve been eating. Does this mean she will love spicy cauliflower and walnut taco meat and roasty sweet potatoes and vegan queso and avocados and flour tortillas and salsa? A mother can only hope.

I am supposed to be saving that stash of cauliflower walnut taco meat in my freezer for, like, later this fall? But, like, HOW? It is burning a hole in my freezer. I need it at every meal. It’s so easy to just grab a cup here and there and pop it in the skillet and then five minutes later, be feeding your face vegan nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and mega-burritos (LITERALLY HAVE MADE ALL OF THESE).

Today – let’s focus on the Mega-Burrito, but just keep in mind that this concept works across all our favorite Tex-Mex food groups.

Here’s what’s in my Mega-Burrito:

  • cauliflower walnut taco meat
  • roasty sweet potatoes
  • vegan queso, or sometimes real cheese – depends on the mood
  • really good salsa (currently obsessed with Mateo’s salsa from Costco)
  • mashed avocado
  • cilantro
  • lime squeeze
  • extra dips in queso
Cauliflower walnut taco meat with sweet potatoes.

I’m going to let you in on a secret, which is that sometimes I just throw whatever random veggies I have in a skillet with that frozen cauliflower walnut taco meat (carrots? peppers? spinach?). Also, sometimes a few eggs. It just depends on what I have or what I’m feeling in the moment.

And my second secret is that even though we’re packing all of this into an already-carb-solid flour tortilla, I do not get mad if there is a little extra carb-action in the form of white or brown rice in there, too.

Avocado spread on tortilla.
Adding cauliflower walnut taco meat to tortilla.
Adding salsa to vegan mega-burrito.
Adding vegan queso to vegan mega-burrito.

Look at this and tell me you do not want to eat it.

I dare you.

Vegan mega-burrito before rolling.

Now roll, cut, and admire…

Vegan mega-burrito cut in half.

And then drizzle extra vegan queso over the whole thing because you obviously aren’t messing around here. This is a MEGA BURRITO, for crying out loud.

Hand holding vegan mega-burrito.

I raise my Mega-Burrito to you, friends!

Remember: this combo is also great reformatted as nachos, tacos, and quesadillas.

Just you keep that in mind.

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A picture of Vegan Mega-Burritos

Vegan Mega-Burritos

  • Author: Lindsay
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 4 servings 1x


These Vegan Mega-Burritos are stuffed with a sweet potato, cauliflower, and walnut taco meat filling, plus the usual suspects of avocado, salsa, and a heavy thwap of vegan cashew queso! Versatile, quick to make, and seriously SO GOOD.


Units Scale

Burrito Filling

Vegan Queso

  • 1 cup cashews
  • 1/2 cup water
  • one 4-ounce can green chiles
  • 1 chipotle pepper canned in adobo (more to taste)
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt (more if your cashews are unsalted)
  • 12 tablespoons of chipotle adobo sauce (optional for more oomph)
  • 24 tablespoons nutritional yeast (optional for more cheeziness)


  • 2 mashed avocados
  • 1/2 cup salsa
  • 2 tablespoons cilantro
  • 4 large flour tortillas
  • Vegan queso (see recipe above)


  1. Filling: Start with your sweet potatoes in a skillet with a swish of oil and salt. Saute until fork-tender. Add prepared cauliflower walnut taco meat and just enough water to get it looking nice and saucy and taco-meaty.
  2. Blend: Blitz all of the ingredients for the vegan queso in a blender until smooth.
  3. Assemble: Stuff a flour tortilla with mashed avocado, cauliflower walnut filling, salsa, cilantro, and queso. Roll, wrap, fry in a skillet… whatever suits your fancy. The Mega-Burrito says YOU DO YOU!


If you use a sweet potato, chop it up small so the pieces cook faster! You don’t have to use sweet potatoes. Try carrots, spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, you name it! The cauliflower walnut meat would be good as a filling in and of itself, so if you’re really in a rush, you don’t have to add the sweet potatoes or any other veggies for that matter. I just like to add veggies to bulk it up and add some extra nutrition.

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Category: Dinner
  • Method: Saute
  • Cuisine: Tex Mex

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Lovely picture of the food.
    Not an easy recipe for me, but I’ll try.
    We are supplier of spices from India and we do shipping across the world.

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Meat = yuck when prego! Get your barf bag ready – can’t even spell meant cooking when prego! Ewww. Been there. Done that. So your spin is totally fabulous. Can’t wait to try!

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo

    These look delicious! I The vegan queso is easy and awesome, and so is the cauliflower meat. Can’t wait to try it with the addition of sweet potato!

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo

    This sounds great for a “meatless Monday”. I am headed to the grocery store now! : )

    Your fortune cookie should say: You will soon be holding your healthy baby girl in your arms! You will be a perfect Mom for her, and you will experience live & love in new ways each day!
    X0X0 from a Mom & Grandma

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo

    My coworkers and I are dying to go back and try more, but for now we all agree. This burrito is one of the best in the business, and that’s just a fact!

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    That is an amazing looking recipe and the pics makes it look so good. I will try it this coming weekend when the whole family is at home.

  7. Pinch of Yum Logo

    These look delicious but a single serving has 46.3 grams of fat. Whew! That’s a lot for me for a single meal. Can you recommend a lighter option for those of us watching our fat intake? Or would you simply recommend we stay away from this recipe?

    1. Pinch of Yum Logo

      How well would these keep in the freezer? Considering making them for when I’m postpartum!

  8. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Positive Life Clippings

    Delicious looking recipe and mouthwatering. Great creations. God bless.

  9. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I slipped up today and ate 6 Chocolate chip cookies. But I’ve been thinking of making my own homemade steak and chicken burritos with Shrimp. But now that you mentioned vegan burritos, that’s a good idea too. 🙂

  10. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Danielle Wolter

    So I’m not vegan, but I am getting really excited about your cauliflower walnut meat. I’m going to have to give it a try soon. These burritos look amazing.

    Congrats on the new baby – how exciting for you guys 🙂

  11. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Dayo Oseni

    Hello Lindsay ! Please what plugin do you use for your comment thats makes it auto approve?