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Chimichurri Shrimp with Tomatoes

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Saucy, punchy, and delightful Chimichurri Shrimp! Served with a tomato salad, a pile of hot steamy rice, and a dollop of creamy tzatziki.

This chimichurri shrimp is saucy, punchy, and delightful. I like to serve this with a little tomato salad on the side, plus a pile of hot steamy rice, or a chunk of crusty buttered bread for dipping into all the extra sauce.

Everything You Need For This Chimichurri Shrimp

Close-up image of chimichurri shrimp on top of rice.

Lindsay’s Notes

Garlic, herbs, a little bit of heat and the punch of red wine vinegar on buttery, golden grilled shrimp. This is a FAVORITE for us right now!

We are trying to work more protein into our lives (we: Bjork) and shrimp in general has been such a winner. The girls like it, and I keep bags stocked in the freezer so we can easily thaw, dry, and cook up a bag of shrimp with minimal effort in 20-or-so minutes. God bless it!

This is our latest iteration of a weeknight shrimp dinner – a quickly blitzed chimichurri sauce that coats the shrimp both before and after grilling. I like to put them on skewers because it feels more fun, and brushing them with extra sauce right before you chomp into them is the ultimate in satisfying. But on lazier nights, I’ve also most definitely just thrown it all in the pan, and served the pan right up on the table with a loaf of crusty bread, some good butter, and just called it a meal. It’s delightful.

Bonus: I recently discovered the chimichurri sauce from Trader Joe’s which is actually so good. Sometimes herb-based sauces do not come across quite right in packaged form, but I really actually enjoy that one. So if you want a VERY very fast version of this, just grab that chimichurri and you’re off to the races!

How To Make This Chimichurri Shrimp

Step 1: Make your chimichurri.

The parsley, the oregano, the olive oil, the red wine vinegar and garlic… yum.

Ingredients for chimichurri in a food processor before blending.

Step 2: Toss the shrimp with some sauce.

You don’t want it to hang out for too long, but a few minutes will give the flavor a head start.

Spooning chimichurri sauce onto raw shrimp in a bowl.

Step 3: Grill the shrimp. And brush, brush, brush.

You can skewer the shrimp and grill them on a grill pan (or regular grill). Or you can just throw them all in the pan. Either way! But highly recommend that you brush with extra sauce, because, as we know, sauce is life.

Grilling shrimp while brushing on chimichurri sauce,

Step 4: Serve!

I like to serve it with a little tomato salad (just mixing some of the same sauce in with the tomatoes), maybe some rice, a bit of creamy sauce like tzatziki, and/or some crusty bread for dipping into your extra chimichurri.

A plate filled with shrimp on skewers, rice, tomato salad, tzatziki, and lemon wedges.

Watch How To Make This Chimichurri Shrimp

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A picture of Chimichurri Shrimp with Rice and Tzatziki

Chimichurri Shrimp with Rice and Tzatziki

  • Author: Lindsay
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 23 servings 1x


Saucy, punchy, and delightful Chimichurri Shrimp! Served with a tomato salad, a pile of hot steamy rice, and a dollop of creamy tzatziki.


Units Scale

Chimichurri Sauce

  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • 1/2 cup parsley
  • 1 small chile (I use fresno chiles)
  • 34 cloves garlic
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon salt

Shrimp and Extras

  • 1 pound jumbo shrimp, raw
  • 1/2 cup tzatziki, for serving
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved, for serving
  • bread or rice for serving


  1. Chimichurri: Blitz up your sauce in a food processor. It will be somewhat emulsified and it will settle a bit as it rests. If you don’t have a food processor, finely chop everything and mix together in a bowl. Divide the sauce into three bowls: one bowl for tossing with the shrimp, one bowl for brushing while cooking, and one bowl for brushing at the table.
  2. Get That Flavor on Your Shrimp: Thaw shrimp (if frozen) and remove shells and tails (if necessary or desired). Pat dry with paper towels. Toss the shrimp with one third of the chimichurri. 
  3. Grill the Skewers: Thread the saucy shrimp onto soaked wood skewers. Transfer to a grill pan, grill, or standard sauté pan over medium high heat. Add the shrimp and cook for 2-3 minutes per side, depending on the size of your shrimp. Brush with additional sauce as you cook. Cook until no longer translucent, or until 145 degrees. 
  4. Serving: I like to toss some cherry tomatoes with a spoonful of my reserved chimichurri and then plate it all up: rice, tomatoes, shrimp, and a little side dish of tzatziki just for something extra to dip and dunk.
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Category: Dinner
  • Method: Grill
  • Cuisine: Argentinian-Inspired

Keywords: chimichurri, chimichurri shrimp, rice bowl, tomato salad, easy dinner, quick and easy

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Frequently Asked Questions For Chimichurri Shrimp

What can I use instead of shrimp?

This would work great with chicken! Just cut your chicken into bite-sized pieces and thread onto skewers in the same way.

How long does the chimichurri last?

It’ll keep well in the fridge for 3-4 days.

Can you make this vegetarian / meatless?

Yes! Try this with portobello mushroom caps – like this recipe.

How do you make this gluten-free and/or dairy-free?

It is naturally gluten-free and dairy-free!

Can you make the chimichurri without a food processor?

Yes! You can make the sauce by just mixing everything up in a small bowl – just make sure to finely chop everything first.

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  1. Pinch of Yum Logo

    Hey there and happy Monday, Lindsay,

    Oh my goodness, I just stumbled upon this chimichurri shrimp with tomatoes recipe on your blog. I’ve never heard that word before. That’s new to my vocabulary (smile). I’ve never thought of pairing it with shrimp. What a genius combo! 🍤🌿 I can already imagine the burst of flavors in every bite. And those tomatoes must add such a lovely, juicy contrast. Thanks for sharing this gem, and keep those delicious recipes coming. Drewry loves your food blogs! 🙂

  2. Pinch of Yum Logo

    It’s 91 degrees here (in October!) and I was looking for something quick and easy that did not require an oven and could use up our garden tomatoes. This was so so good! Toddler and husband both approved.

  3. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Faith Hayes

    Quick and delicious. If my tomatoes have been in the fridge, I just throw them in the pan for a couple of minutes after I remove the shrimp to bring out the flavor.

  4. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Erin McKay

    This is so delicious. My husband and I have loved every recipe from your website. The chimmichuri was amazing – I added red paper flakes instead of chili pepper and it turned out great. Thanks for sharing all of these delicious recipes 🙂

  5. Pinch of Yum Logo
    Heather Cohen

    This recipe is so simple yet so delicious. Will absolutely be a regular dinner in our household.

  6. Pinch of Yum Logo

    I made this for dinner and we loved it! So quick and easy for how delicious it was. I didn’t change anything, except I added red onion and cucumber in with the tomato to make a little salad. Thanks for a great recipe!